Sunday, 23 February 2020

February 23, 2020

how to share playstore app in whatsapp 2020

how to share playstore app in whatsapp 2020

Hello hi friend so in this article provide additional support and application called apk extractor apk extractor is an application where it changes extract application and you can transfer aur share that application in any of the social networking site so that you are friend or your relatives can download the application without searching in Play Store.

best application for sharing android apps in whatsapp

Apk extractor is one of the most powerful application for converting the app installed applications into APK you can just install this application and click on the application with you want to extract so want to extract the particular application will be extracted and a folder will be created in your file manager called apk extractor click on the folder and open the application which you want to share and dividend share it in WhatsApp Facebook Instagram and anywhere directly so the person who was a soldier click on the link and I can get downloaded the application without any problem in searching in Play Store so this is a best Android application for open Instagram and Facebook applications directly through the social sites.
February 23, 2020

best application for making intro in android phone 2020

Application for making intro in android phone 2020

introbit audio is one of the best application for creating a beautiful WhatsApp status video in Instagram story videos and Facebook story videos so this application is very user friendly and it is also used for making intro for any particular occasion so this application has many different kind of templates in it for downloading and for using them in different ways it is one of the fastest and most beautiful application for youtubers as well as people who make Tik Tok videos can use application for creating a beautiful status video in Android phone.

introbit application for android 

So this application has many features like and many carat combination of categories of video templates in it you can just download any template you want and apply the changes you can just modify the text in it and also add the music recording are required to your usage so if you want to add your own music that is present in gallery you can add it or you can also add the music which is present in this application so it will produce finally video footage in three different resolutions you can select any of the resolution and you can fix it and this is a best application for those people who want to post videos in Tik Tok as well as WhatsApp
February 23, 2020

Best android appliaction for storage management

Best android appliaction for storage management for 2020

Empty folder deleting application occasion for deleting the empty folders which are created in your Android phone so there are many empty folders which will be created in your Android phone continuously everyday because of this empty folders you may is data storage problems to avoid this you need to go with empty folder cleaner application.

empty folder cleaner application.

Show the empty Folder application is very user-friendly you can just simple scan the number of empty folders that are present in this apple in your Android phone that which can it and display the number of empty folders list then you can select them and delete them so once you delete then your mobile phone internal storage is free from empty folder likewise everyday evening you delete all the empty folders which makes your phone to work very faster.
February 23, 2020

Top 5 applications for android 2020

Top 5 applications for android 2020 for tik tok video  editing 

3D face location is one of the best application for editing photos of your friends on a bizarre anyone is the one of the best app for creating beautiful 3D animation VFX in your smartphone so basically it is very difficult to create a 3D animation related videos in your smartphone but this application for its various options to create a VFX in your Android phone.

VFX in your Android phone.

So face 3D application is one of the best application for making it VFX for your specified photos of any particular person it is very simple to use it has many features like it has many templates and it so once you just had the photo of a particular person then it simply you can create a beautiful video senior Smartphone and it is very easy simple install the application and add the photo of our target person and I make a beautiful video and you can share it in WhatsApp Facebook Telegram and Instagram.
February 23, 2020

top 5 android apps in telugu 2020

Top 5  Android Apps in Telugu  for Mobile Daily Use 2020

Notification shortcut what is owner of the best application to monitor the most recent applications and access the most recent applications which we use in your Android phone you can I write them as a set cut in your notification.we just talk here so the application is very easy and simple and I can add favourite App share and you can create a bookmark or favourite contacts and task items and Dropbox folder Centre everything so it is very simple.

Notification shortcut of notification management 

Let's see the features it has a two versions free version and paid version free version I will give as a single block  shortcuts mostly will get 7 slots for storing average shortcut  Main applications recently used applications and for premium we will have a more than 21 shortcut keys maximum we can store there and we can replace the unlocker app with inbuilt app premium only if we  have a premium access then we have some more the benefits in this application.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

January 23, 2020

Best application for tik tok video edit app in android phone

Tik tok video edit App for making effects

Hello hi everyone so in this article we are going to discuss about an application for Tik Tok video edit app for smartphones.
Tik tok video edit App

          Tik tok video edit App 

Show this application is very famous application which is used for Tik Tok video edit in Smartphone so that name is know as NOIZZ
this application is very famous and it has many applications like a Effects video making and magical brush making and different content video creation tik tok as well.

So this application mainly focus on video making for Tik Tok video edit and it is very easy and user friendly application for the usage.

So many people are searching for a great application for their Tik Tok video edit so this app is going to solve their problem and it has many features in it.

Why only tik Tok video edit App

Because this application has a many feature which is very user-friendly for Tik Tok video edit many people are searching for a best application for Tik tok video in it in smartphones.

Application for Tik Tok  video edit app is a easy simply drop every photos in it and add music and create a beautiful videos for your Tik Tok.

You can edit your videos in a simple way create beautiful templates present in this application.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

January 22, 2020

how to make text animation in android phone 2020

Make  text  Animation in Android Phone 

Hello my friend so in this article we are going to learn about text animation in Android phone so there are many applications that are present in Android phone related to text animation.

text  Animation

               text  Animation

So this application is called as text animation so it is application has a more than 80 + text animation effects you can just download this application for free.

To this text animation is very very easy and simple user friendly so that text animation has its want different features which are very much easy for a text animation purpose.

Text Animation And its Features 

This text animation application also has the different features like image background change background removal and text colour change font change position change alignment change.

The text animation application is very very effective so you can also export real animation videos in different ratios and I can also mean exported in full HD also.