Friday, 21 January 2022

Trending whatsapp status video making in alight motion 2022

Create trending WhatsApp status video in alight motion.

Hi, friend so today we are going to discuss how to make a beautiful running WhatsApp status video on a mobile phone using an alight motion application. It is a very simple and easy process you can create beautiful editing in motion on an Android phone.

How to create trending WhatsApp status video in alight motion.

It is a very simple and easy process to create a beautiful WhatsApp status video in an alight motion application. Follow The below steps then you will be able to create beautiful Whatsapp status videos in alight motion.

Download the files which are given on this website and make sure you keep all these files in one folder. Once you have downloaded all these files to your Android phone now follow the steps which are given below.

Open the alight motion  Pro application and also select the custom ratio as 1080 into 2340. Now you need to import the beat sync which was used in the video. Once you import the beat sing now you need to see the lines which I have marked in the beat preset.

After that, you need to import the video which I have created and provided and adjust the video. Also, download the preset effects which are also provided in this article, and import those preset into your video.

Now add all the images according to the sink marks given in the beat sink file. Finally, adjust the moment of a video and this Beat so that we were video and footage and also the audio will be sync.

The end of the step is to export the video and posted in WhatsApp Instagram and any other social media 

Beat link


Lyrical Song 


Effects link


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