Sunday, 23 January 2022

How to make attitude WhatsApp status video in alight motion

make attitude WhatsApp status video 

 Hello hi, everyone today we are going to make an attitude WhatsApp status video in the alight motion application. Many people want to download attitude WhatsApp status videos and also create beautiful WhatsApp status videos.

Here I will teach you how to make a beautiful WhatsApp status video using your Android phone. If you are looking for the best attitude WhatsApp status video making then you follow the steps below step-by-step so that you can understand clearly.

How to make attitude WhatsApp status video in mobile.

To create a beautiful attitude status video on a mobile phone you need to download some basic files. An application that you want to download is the alight motion Pro application you can download it by following The below steps.

You can either download the alight motion Pro application from Google are you can buy the alight motion pro version.

How download is alight motion pro version then make sure you download all the files which are provided in this article. Keep all the four files that I have downloaded into in single folder and use those files for editing the attitude WhatsApp status video.

Open the alight motion application and follow the steps below. No select all the layers of your editing photos according to the beat Singh present in the template.

No crop the images and also add the effects which are given in the below. After that, you need to import a fire effect video and use make it blend.

Once you are all the necessary things are done then get ready your video is ready to export and export video Finally, your video is ready to post on WhatsApp Instagram, and any other social media

Beat Link


Fire effect


effects link


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