Thursday, 27 January 2022

How to create a beautiful WhatsApp status video with kinemater

How to create a beautiful WhatsApp status video

Hello hi, friends so if you want to create a beautiful WhatsApp status video using an Android phone then you are at the right place here we will learn how to make a WhatsApp status video using your kinemaster application.

There are so many applications that are present in mobile phones and also we use to save many applications for editing our photos and videos master is one of the best applications which can be used to create beautiful WhatsApp status videos.

You can create a beautiful lyrical video with different types of lyrical images and also beautiful creative WhatsApp Instagram story videos using kinemaster.

How to create a beautiful WhatsApp status video using kinemaster application.

To create beautiful WhatsApp status in video using kinemaster application all you need to do if you need to install the kinemaster application which is available in the Play Store.

Even you can install the kinemaster-pro application from Google where we will get it for free. After you install the kinemaster-pro application you need to download some important files which are used for making a beautiful WhatsApp status video

Once you download all the required files which are used for editing now you can open your kinemaster-pro application. And click on a new project and select the 9 is to 16 ratios so that you will get full-screen editing.

Once your editing is done now you can open the kinemaster pro application with a new project and import the file like the lyrical video which was I have which was given in this article.

Also, you need to import the green screen video which was given and use the Chroma key option to remove the green part of that and replace them with your beautiful photos of your friend's boyfriend's girlfriend.

Make sure all the images are good and they are properly arranged and finally, you can export the video with beautiful audio which was already added

music file


video files


video file2 


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