Saturday, 29 January 2022

How to create a beautiful status video in kinemaster

How to create a beautiful status video 2022

Hello hi, friends so today in this article we are going to create a beautiful WhatsApp status video using your Android phone. There are so many applications that are present in the Play Store for creating beautiful videos on your mobile.

If you are an Instagram content maker then this application is very good where you can create beautiful videos and riddles in Instagram using this application cal kinemaster.

It is very easy and simple to edit videos using kinemaster Pro application so all you need to do is installed the kinemaster pro application and try to use it.

Letters make a beautiful editing video using kinemaster application follow The below given below.

How to create a beautiful status video in kinemaster

All you need to do is installed the kinemaster pro application on your Android phone. Once you install the kinemaster application are you have to download the respective video layers which are given in the video.

In this article, I have given the best video layer which is the particle video layer which is used for making the WhatsApp and Instagram real videos.

Open the kinemaster application and select a ratio of 9 is to 16 now you need to select the PNG of your photo. Selecting the PNG drag the PNG up to how much time you want to create a status video.

particle video


After this process add the music to your video so that it will sync the music and it will add beautiful BGM. Now you have to select the PNG click on the option and draw the white color layer so that the PNG borders can be hidden.

Finally, you click on the media option present in the kinemaster option and select the layer which you want to add which is the particle layer. Make your particle layer into multiplay so that this will not affect your video and then change the color of your particle based on your skin tone and dress color.

Finally, export the video and post it on Instagram Facebook WhatsApp and everywhere

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