Thursday, 20 May 2021

How to create a rotate effect in an alight motion application

alight motion application

Hello everyone today we are going to discuss the alight motion beautiful trending effect in this effect there are many photos that can be attached and we can create a beautiful 360-degree rotating effect

To create this effect all you need to do if you need to install the alight motion Pro application this alight motion Pro application is not for free you need to buy the paid version but here you can download the animal modded version on our website

360 degree rotate effect you can add to our multiple images and you can rotate your photos one after another in a 360 degrees such that it will add 360 rotate effect to your photos

Very cool and also super Amazing for the people who want to try extreme level editing

How to create a rotate effect in an alight motion application

To create a light motion rotate photo editing in your alight motion application you need to install a light motion as discussed above.

Open your alight motion application and select a new project you can select any aspect ratio of the video

I always recommend you to install and select the aspect ratio of 1 is to 1 so that your photo looks and comes in a square format

Now you can select the images which you want to edit the two images from your gallery


Go to the key pointer and put the two key points and add the tiles bar and then similarly with help of the key point rotate the photo into 47 degrees and the second photo into 90 degrees

Necessary changes are done at the music and export the video

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