Monday, 17 May 2021

Alight motion presets

Alight motion presets  Let's see some of the important features of the alight motion application

We can add many layers of videos with animation in the layers along with blending options

In this application we can add many video layers  while editing our videos we can add 20+ video layers  for creating an amazing video on a mobile phone 

Nearly 2000+ fonts are free to use in this pro application

Thia applications has inbuilt of 2000+ fonts where these fonts are free to use when we are creating a lyrical video these fonts are very helful for making lyrics with differnt fonts in mobile

We can adjust the aspect ratios of the videos

In alight motion we have so many video aspects ratio formats here we can edit our videos in 16: 9,9:16, 4:5,1:1,4:3 different ratios we can edit our videos in our own customized format also 

Keyframe options help to create the video frame by frame

Keyframe is one of the best feature present in the alight motion application here we can edit our videos frame by frame with help of the keyframe  option add many effects 

so many visual effects are present we can use them to create beautiful videos

Alight motion application has inbuilt visual effects nearly we have 200+ visual effects for creating beautiful videos in our mobile 

We can create our own vector animations videos in this pro apk

Vector videos can be only created on laptops but this application made it easy to make our own vector videos on our android phone 

Comes with no watermark in our videos Alight motion presets 

the free version of alight motion present in the play store comes with a watermark but this pro version application comes with no watermark

Video can be exported into HD, 1080, MP4, and other formats

we can export our videos into GIF, Mp4, and also we can export our video into presets so that other friends can use our presets to create the videos 

Colour corrections can be done 


Colour grading is one of the best feature present in this application we can do colour correction and change the colours in the video and create beautiful videos 

All premium features are unlocked for the pro users

Premium features all are unlocked and can be used here In  this application for free 

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