Friday, 21 May 2021

alight motion preset download for your alight motion application

alight motion preset download for your alight motion application

Hello hi friends are you looking for light motion presets then you are in the right place here we have given hundreds of alight motion presets for free you can use these presets and create beautiful WhatsApp status and Instagram real videos on your Android phone.

What is alight motion preset?

Alight motion preset is nothing but a light motion video editing effect template you can use this template to create a beautiful WhatsApp status videos alight motion application is a little difficult for people to use as this application has many features so it is very important to know all the option so that you can create a beautiful wonder in allied motion but here we have created a beautiful effect so you can simply use this effect.

To use this alight motion effect you need to have the alight motion Pro application installed in your Android phone once you install the alight motion application in your Android phone no click on the download button which is given here now once you download this preset later you can automatically be directed to your alight motion application.

 alight motion preset download

Now you need to open the gallery and choose your image which you want to replace in the preset click on the preset image and click on the color and click on the image and select the image which you want to replace

We can also add the music to your video preset just remove the video in that reset and add your audio and video files so that it will be more effective

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