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Photo album whatsapp status video making

Photo album WhatsApp status video making

 Hello hi everyone if you are looking for how to earn money from Youtube then you are in the right place here I will explain to you how to earn money from Youtube.

A platform where you can earn money from making videos creating content in YouTube and it's completely free no need to invest a single rupee in YouTube.

YouTube provides as all the benefits and all the opportunities to create content for YouTube you need to just start creating content for YouTube and make money from Youtube.

Walking in different fields feeling stressed and not ok with their work but YouTube is a platform where you can work according to your requirement and whenever you want to work you can walk and if you want to take leave you can take leave you are only your own Boss in YouTube.

Photo album whatsapp status video making

To make you money from YouTube all you need to know as you need to have some basics like you need to know how to make a content.

1.Song lyrics video :-


Content making is a process like a video creation you need to select a particular content category like if you like a short films you can click make short filim if you like cooking then you can start cooking YouTube channel if you like RAW channel if you like technology explanation then you can 6 started Technology channel.

YouTube channel has its own advantages and disadvantages as well you can start making videos on YouTube with complete satisfaction.

2.Fire effect & particals video :-


To make money from Youtube you can use your smartphone either you have camera you can use your camera to shoot videos and it is recommended to always have a smartphone so that you can shoot a video and edit in your smartphone.

How the YouTube gives you money in return. It is a simple process like whatever the money you earn from YouTube will be shared between YouTube and you in the ratio 45 to 55 and whatever the 45% will be given to your account.

Certain if you want to earn money from Youtube you need to cross a certain limits that YouTube has created now a days. The limitations of YouTube channel which will get monetized is that it should have a minimum of thousand subscribers and also it should has a minimum of 4000 hours of watch time for their videos.

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YouTube channels that cross this limitation will be awarded with an option call monitise Asian where their videos get monitor is so monetization is a process where ads will be displayed on your YouTube content.

You need to go with AdSense account which has to be linked with your YouTube account so that whatever the money you earn from YouTube will be delivered to your AdSense account where you can check your earnings monthly earnings and from your AdSense account you need to link your bank account so that it will be credited to your bank account.

Become success in YouTube all you need to know is just make a videos consistently it may take one or two years to grow in YouTube but it might be six months or a 7 month or as it may take one month if you make a good quality content and it may make you viral in weeks

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