Sunday, 27 September 2020

Tiger effect video editing with images in telugu

 Tiger effect video editing with images in telugu

Yeah I will explain you how to create beautiful WhatsApp status video in your smartphone or in your Android phone.

It is very simple process and easy process to create WhatsApp status video

Just need to follow some of the important steps which are mentioned in the article.

All you need to do is download the template which is provided in the article.

1.Background video :-


Once you download the template from the article and you need to install the kinemaster application

I have provided the kinemaster application link in the description of the video

Now open the kinemaster application

Import the image that you want to editor put as WhatsApp status.

Tiger effect video editing with images in telugu

Now you need to click on the icon which is like a media and import the image

After that you need to click on the image and adjust the image so that it will fit to the screen

2.Tiger green screen :-


After properly adjusting the image to the frame now you click on the layers button

Now select the video file on the template which I have provided to you

Now select the WhatsApp status media template which you have downloaded from the article.

3.Tiger fire effect video :-


Can the video layer of the template and then click on the blend option and select the screen option

After that click on the video layer again and go to the adjustment and rise the last two points to maximum

Your video is done now you need to add the music

4.Fire particals video :-


To add the music simply go to the audio option and select the music which power you want

Before that click on the video layer and after that you need to mute the audio of the video

allfiles link

5.Black effect image :-


So after that export the video and put it as a WhatsApp status

6.I love my attitude text image :-


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