Wednesday, 2 September 2020

instagram story template whatsapp status video editing in kinemaster 2020

Instagram story template WhatsApp status video 

Hi hello everyone if you are looking for an Instagram story template WhatsApp status video editing then you are at the right place here I will explain to you how to edit Instagram story related WhatsApp status video.

To edit the WhatsApp status of your WhatsApp using kinemaster application is a very easy and simple process all you need to know is how to use the kinemaster.

Instagram story related to WhatsApp status video will be very useful and use looking very beautiful for people who are seeing your WhatsApp status video for the first time.

1.Aveeplayer effect video (square size) :-

Here what you need to do if you need to download the template of the Instagram story and then use this template to create a beautiful WhatsApp status video in your Android phone.

Before you start editing the Instagram story WhatsApp status video you need to install the kinemaster application from the Play Store.
2.Colorful background video :-

After installing the kinemaster application from the Play Store or from any other third-party links be sure that you are ready with all basics of the kinemaster application.

How to edit Instagram story template WhatsApp status video

To edit Instagram story template WhatsApp status video you need to open the kinemaster application and import the necessary file
3.Instagram post png image :-

After importing the necessary files for your kinemaster application should make sure that you follow the steps which are mentioned in the Telugu Tech Suresh YouTube channel

4.Song lyrical video (green screen) :-

You should be aware of the templates materials PNG background images background videos and lyrical videos that are used in this Instagram story template editing on your mobile.

Now follow the step-by-step process which was mentioned in the YouTube channel of Telugu text Suresh so that you can edit your own WhatsApp status video using Instagram story-related ideas
5.Small particals effect video :-

Make sure that you are entering this application video editing in your smartphone not in a PC or laptop and you can create edit and also modify this template according to your requirements and your designs.

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