Saturday, 15 August 2020

devotional WhatsApp status video in kinemaster making 2020

devotional WhatsApp status video 

Hello hi friends if you are looking for devotional WhatsApp status video then you are at right place here I have explain how to create devotional WhatsApp status video in your Android phone.

It is very simple and easy process to create a beautiful devotional video editing and put it as a WhatsApp status all you need to know is how to editing kinemaster application
3.Fire particals video :


And some important tips about kinemaster application from YouTube and you can download the files which are provided in the article to create beautiful devotional videos

Just became very important now a days because we create beautiful status videos by your own hand and put them through WhatsApp status gives an immense satisfaction

4.Ganesha flag green screen video :


You need to do is follow the important steps which are set in the Telugu Tech Suresh YouTube channel and download the files from this article to create a beautiful WhatsApp status video.

To create beautiful devotional WhatsApp status video

Beautiful devotional WhatsApp status video all you need to do is follow the steps which are mentioned below
1.Ganesha background video :

Files which are necessary for editing their devotional videos in your smartphone or in your iPhone
2.Ganesha text png image :

Kinemaster and import the images and also the files which you have downloaded

 the editing based on the video which you have followed previously

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