Thursday, 14 May 2020

Whatsspp Lock Particular Chat Locker & App Locker

Whatsspp Lock Particular Chat

If you want to lock some of your whatsup chat instead of locking full application, then here is an application that locks perticular chat only that you want.
* How to use Whats Lock :
Step 1 : On the first time installation, set security question/answer in case if you forget and want to recover password then use security question/answer to recover password.
Step 2 : After that set your 4-digit number password.
Step 3 : Then add your personal chats to this chat locker and lock them.
step 4 : Change the default theme, change password, recover password and enable/disable password from settings.

* Main Features :
- Protect your password with your security question.
- Lock/Unlock personal chat as well as group chats with 4-digit password.
- Also use your fingerprint to unlock password
- Available 5 amazing themes for locker

*** Whats Lock (App Locker Section) ***

* How to use App Lock Feature:
Step 1 : Enable/Disable App Lock from settings.
Step 2 : Switch password option between (Pattern Lock and Passcode Lock)
Step 3 : Set and change pattern from settings. And change passcode from general settings.
step 4 : Change the default theme, change password, recover password and enable/disable password from settings.Whatsspp Lock Particular Chat 

*** Disclosure ***
This application requires following permissions :
1) This app uses the Usage Access permission "android.permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS" : We need this permission to provide you app lock functionality on your device. By granting this permission you are allowing us to track what other apps you are interacting with and how often, as well as your carrier, language settings, and other details.
2) This app uses the Draw Over Other Apps permission "android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW" : In order to make WhatsBubble work we need 'Draw Over Other Apps' permission to draw password screen over other apps that you have locked on your device.
3) This app uses the Accessibility Service permission "android.permission.BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE" : we need this permission to protect private conversation on messaging apps. By granting this permission you are allowing us to receive notification when you are interacting with other apps and inspect content of window you are interacting with on your device.
4) This app uses the Boot Compiled permission "android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED" : We use this permission to start app lock service after phone reboot.
5) This app uses the Fingerprint permission "android.permission.USE_FINGERPRINT" : We use this permission to unlock chats using fingerprint.
* We are not using above listed permissions for any other purposes. We are not collecting or transferring your personal data and your device data out of your device via internet or to the any third party.

Whatsspp Lock Particular Chat

We bring you these amazing features :

1 : Status Story Saver for WA : Download Status of your friends and access them any time. (Respect everyone's privacy) Whatsspp Lock Particular Chat 

2 : Direct WA Chat :
- Enter a number and type your text message and tap on send button to goto that particular number.

3 : Quick Reply for WA :
- Enter mobile number and type message using this application and save it and access it anytime.

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