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Realme X50 5G price ,Realme X50 full Specs |Realme X50 5G

Realme X50 5G price 

Realme X50 5G price Smartphone and its full price and specifications are explained it is the phone with 8GB of Ram and it runs with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 G processor. Realme 5G smartphone which various kind of features are present in this phone. It is the best Android phone with 5G support and supports all the 5G Network and it is a feature phone in the budget only 8GB of Ram and 64 megapixel it has a display of 6.57 inches and it has a battery backup of 4200 mah. Another front camera has 16 + 18 megapixel camera which is very best for taking the selfies.Which is the best smartphone with all the specifications and the price of this Smartphone is expected to be around 25000.
Realme X50 5G price ,Realme X50 full Specs |Realme X50 5G
Realme X50 5G

Why should we buy the smartphone Realme X50 5G 

We need to buy the Realme X50 5G phone because it has the 5G connectivity which is the future work and also this phone has Quad camera setup and also 64 megapixel and this Smartphone has 30 watts and it has a strong configuration in it.Finally we can say realme comes with high price tag but offers a wide range of a features are to its customers and the display looks like a stylish and has a punch hole on this Smartphone and the camera is impressive it has 64 megapixel main unit and that has battery backup is very nice and has a fast charging feature so if there are no major drawbacks accept only expandable memory drive at innit it is the best phone to purchase if you are looking for a best 5G smartphone in India.If you are looking for aerial photography then Realme 5G phone will be the best option because it has good camera resolution and also its screen is 57 inches.
Realme X50 5G price ,Realme X50 full Specs |Realme X50 5G
Realme X50 5G


The battery backup of the realme 5G smartphone runs with Snapdragon 765 chipset and the main lead has 8GB RAM to handle Games and multitasking.


This phone  Realme X50 5G has a well equipped with the internal storage of 128 GB and it supports the number of connecting of options like 4G Vivo LTE Mobile hotspot bluetooth GPS USB type C charger.
The real me phone which is might 5G smartphone it is expected to launch May 29 2020.This Android Phone operates an Android 10 custom user interface colour OS and it has to Nano 5G support 4G support available 3G support available to ji support available and also this phone has fingerprint sensor and this Smartphone comes with waterproof less display multi touch also has auto focus face detection flash charging and USB type C charger and it technology epos NFC wi-Fi and comes with loudspeaker.

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