Thursday, 30 April 2020

Grid Maker for Instagram.

Grid Maker for Instagram.

9Cut For Instagram - Crops Photos For Instagram Profile Page.

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The folder function saves the results of the editing, which is clear and easy to manage.

With a shape mask function, make a unique picture puzzle.

9Cut For Instagram quickly lets you post the split images to Instagram and show it as one big photo on your profile.

The great free app to crop your pictures into 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5, 1x4,2x4,3x4,4x4,5x4,1x2,2x2,3x2,4x2,5x2,1x1,2x1,3x1,4x1,5x1 grids and upload directly to Instagram. Impress all your Instagram 


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