Sunday, 15 March 2020

Best android application for fake screen of home screen 2020

Best android application for fake screen

So this article we are going to learn not an application called as the screen so using this application we can thank our friends family and people was sitting you are left or right any railway station are in a train so this application is a simple and it is very useful for the people who travel in buses trains aeroplane and other electronic and vehicle

So basically what is the use of this application so this application act as a Fake screen so whenever you are texting your friend in Facebook WhatsApp Instagram or any other sites so I can just with single long press button you can reach your screen with a fake wallpaper so that you can plank them you are doing some other work instead of your regular work so likewise while you are in a crore foreign travelling you can take the people make the people prank or else you can hide your data being read or seen by the people who was sitting right or left to you when you are travelling in a bus.


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