Friday, 20 March 2020

Application for short film editing 2020

 Application for short film editing 

Hello hi friends my name is Kishore Nayak and you are reading Tech Kishore YouTube channel and website I hope everyone will like this website so in this article you are going to learn about an application called kinemaster so kinemaster is one of the top and reading application for video editing and it is used in various areas for video editing in your Android smartphone and if it talk about the features that are present in this application or especially multi layer of video images stickers and special effects text handwriting and all these are the features that are present.

 application in mobile  phone editing

this application has new features like reversing of a video and making it fast forward and the one of the topmost feature that is blending option that is included in this application you can blend your videos properly also we can give voice over to your videos and we can add background music to your videos.