Thursday, 2 January 2020

How to Check Backlinks of Website using 100% Free Backlink Bhecker Tools in 2020

Do you know How to Check Backlinks of Website  with Free Tools

Check Backlinks of Website
 Check Backlinks of Website

Hello my friend so in this article we will learn some topics I will discuss some basic topics which you want if in case if you are a blogger or a website runner then you should supposed to know about what is backlinks and you should supposed to know what are the backlinks that your competitor is using so in this article will just discuss few topics like how to check backlinks of a website with free tools.

So not only this I'll just explain you few topics related to backlinks like how many basic terminologies that are present in the back look like a common terms related to backlinks that just like a link choose no follow link do follow link and linking road to mens and low quality links internal links and Anchor text and all I just explain this and hope for you will just learn.

So let's get started so what is a backlinks

Backlink is nothing but a link which transports traffic  from one webiste to your website is called a backlink.
For example so you just commented about your website in some other website so the people will come to your website by clicking on the comment which you commented in that website this is called as backlink ok so what is the use of backlink you know so with help of backlinks you can get organic traffic from different websites.So simply backlinks will play essential role in making a SEO for your website or for your blog there are many big websites where they will sell backlinks to your blog or website.
lets talk few topics what is no fallow link and what is  do fallow link and also what is low quality link in brief

No follow link
Nofollow links are nothing but the link which you  comment in any of the website from where there is no traffic from that link to your website or your blog page is called as nofollow link there is no use with no follow link and you will not get any benefit from this no follow link.

Dofollow links
So do follow links are the link from which will get a genuine traffic and as well as you will get ranking of your website page with help of these two following links you will get real traffic from this link

Low quality link
So low quality links are telling you will get when you comment in any of the websites these websites are spam websites are something unwanted websites so these are the low quality links from where you will get traffic so most preferably don't do low quality links.

So let's see how to check backlinks of a website using free tools 

I will suggest three websites so that you can check the backlinks of that particular targeted and your competitor website backlinks and their sources.

So very simple you just follow these steps and you can easily check also you can learn how to check backlinks of a website in your own PC.

Step:  1 click on this 
Enter the domain name of the your competitor or any website for which you want to know the backlinks.
 Check Backlinks of Website
 Check Backlinks of Website

Step : 2 
Click on analyse  and wait for few minutes and later scroll down there you will find the results regarding the backlinks  so what the left side you will find all the backlinks in blue colour so these are the different backlinks that the website have you can just click on that and you can view the website from there the your competitor got a backlink.
If you scroll down you can see to follow links and I so there you will have a list of do follow links of your competitor.
 Check Backlinks of Website
 Check Backlinks of Website

This is how you can create or you can search backlinks of any website or any competitive so I hope everyone learn how to check backlinks of a website using this article and with the help of free tools in 2020

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