Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Best App for WhatsApp fonts change in whatsapp application in 2020

Hello everyone so if you are searching for application to change the font of WhatsApp then you are in right place so here we will discuss how to change whatsApp chat font.

Very simple you need to install an application application is very useful and this app for WhatsApp on change is a very very important.

So here we discuss the best app for WhatsApp font change in your smartphone with simple click.

Best App for WhatsApp Fonts Change in your WhatsApp Application

app for WhatsApp
App for WhatsApp

Hello so friends in Play Store we have many applications so the best app for WhatsApp font change is going to be the blue words.

So this blue words app for WhatsApp is going to play a crucial role in changing the WhatsApp chat fonts.

So this blue what is an application you need to install in your smartphone and you need to give some permissions to it to enable app for WhatsApp fonts.

So once you enabled application for whatsApp font change the blue word application is ready to use.

You need to click on the different WhatsApp  fonts in the list after selecting it click on the particular font once you will get a star mark on it so that it is selected.

Now close the application and open your WhatsApp app then uses type whatever the message you want to send to your friend and give a space boom the change in WhatsApp font is appear in your chat.

Available Styles For  Whatsapp  Fonts in Mobile

  1. Blue letters
  2. Thin letters
  3. Round letters
  4. Squared letters
  5. Dirty letters
  6. Magic letters
  7. Uppercase letters
  8. Dark squared letters
  9. Classical letters
  10. Parenthesis letters
  11. Diamonds letters
  12. Jail letters
  13. Underlined letters
  14. Celtic letters
  15. Tropical letters
  16. And +15 more styles!