Saturday, 21 December 2019

top 5 android apps in playstore and amazing android apps with new features in telugu

top 5 android apps in playstore  

Hello my friend so this article we are going to discuss about few apps so the first application is about  auto clicker so using this application you can click click on a particular option continuously you can use it for random SMS sending and even you can use it in pubg meaning also for continuous motion so this is app will be very best app for sending a continuous SMS and continuous call and continuous Movement in a pubg application.


my photo keyboard 

This application is about my photo keyboard so you can replace a beautiful fonts in your keyboard and it can arrange beautiful images and you can add in beautiful background Sun Direct customer the your keyboard according to your requirement and decongest make gestures in your keyboard and adjust the keyboard according to your requirement and replace a beautiful photos and beautiful images behind your beautiful keyboard so this is a best keyboard which I suggested download.

wave  line wallpaper

So wave  line wallpaper is all about 3D wallpaper you can just download this application and apply beautiful 3D wallpapers to your phone and this is a best wallpaper so where you can just upload use beautiful  so this is the best application for people who are looking for 3D wallpapers and 3D images for your photos so this will be a very beautiful for the people who are looking for 3D wallpapers on their home screen.

touch screen locker

This application is about to touch screen locker so you can just select a particular area  happen it only that particular area will be lock lock can be used as area for unlocking your phone you can just select any of the random image from your gallery and put it as a lock screen wallpaper and once you set the lock on particular area you can just use it for locking that try this application once and it is very amazing.

Go Launcher

So this is a Go Launcher application very famous application so it is very user friendly and have many options in it you can just use it for different main experience purpose so it is one of the best launcher that is in Play Store there are multiple launches but this launcher as a multiple features but one more added feature is watering your home sneakers water it and you can just enjoy this launcher for a while it was a very very fine and it is very interesting for the people were just looking for a decent launcher.

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