Wednesday, 4 December 2019

how to edit Whatsapp status video template download in kinemaster application

Whatsapp Status Video Template Download in Mobile and Make Whatsapp Status Videos in Kinemaster Application 

Hello hi friends so in this article we are going to see about how to download and how to edit the new trending WhatsApp status editing in your smartphone so what are the things you need to have is first you need to have your smartphone and a kinemaster application and some of the pngs and video footage is provided so I have given these PNG and video footage kind master links we are going to learn how to edit the video with your smartphone and within 10  minutes exactly.

How to make the template and download the whatsapp status in mobile

whatsapp status template download and edit in kinemaster application So here we go friends offers what we need to do is open your kind Master application taken the place I can't then you will get a Note 3 options it is nice 16:9  is 1 ratio select any one of the ratios which you want so I prefer 1 is to 1 ratio which is a square format you can upload it as WhatsApp Instagram Facebook storage and it will be very easy if you are interested to open 9 is to 16 find you can just open it after selecting that then you need to download the link Saman links of the PNG send the video footage which is provided in this article below so once you download that need to go to media then click on the background and select a normal white background then again click on the layers and select the image which you want to put on the video footage up to 30 seconds pNG image with you have downloaded from this article after that is drag it up to 30 seconds then I just make proper adjustments of the PNG as well as your image now klikonly years once again and select the video footage which is given and click on the video footage and adjust it according to the size of the heart symbol and go to the options and account the blending options in the select the appropriate option so if you are travelling to write a admin add a new music to your video then click on the video footage of the effect particle then mute the music then go to audio select any of the music which you want to add to your according to your requirement play the entire video for  reference click on share and export your video so here we go the video is done thanks for reading this article.

      PNG LINK

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