Friday, 8 November 2019

how to make infinate zoom effect video in mobile what to do after screen recording application

 Where To Find  Infinate Zoom Application in the Playstore

Hello everyone in today's article we are going to discuss about an application called June split so it is application which is mostly getting viral in Tik Tok and other social networking sites so this application is useful for making various videos so the main aim of the application is to create a Juma affect the two infinite zoom effect so initially they have provided to zoom effects infinite zoom effects for the FY if you want to use the other ZOOM FX you need to pay money so in app purchases are there in this application.
I suggest you not to buy the in app purchases but you can use the free version zoom effects how to use this application so I will tell you how to use this application install the application from Play Store or from the link which is given below after installing open the application and once you open the application make sure that you turn off Internet OK then what you do is just click on the any of the effect you want so once you click on it the effect will start so wait for a while and see the entire effect in case if you like the effect then you can do various operations on it so zooming in is the one of the option where you can make human effect another option is a zoom out effect you can make jhumar effect infinite zoom out effect for that video so what I suggest you is just install the Screen Recorder application in your Android phone after installing the screen recorder U turn on it then open this application after opening this application you start screen recording select one of the effect which is present in the application after selecting the zooming effect will start now U turn on the screen recorder and start recording you can record until up to the time where you want this zoom Effect movie change the zoom into Jo Maut change the mode of the effect to the zoom out so once it is done then you can save the screen recording video.

what to do after screen recording application

What to do after screen recording open the kinemaster application after opening this kinemaster application in import this video in that vanshu import the video in the application crop the video weather in landscape mode APK portrait mode a square more so once you stop the video now the video is ready so what you do is add music to it how to add music to the video you select the option called audio click on it and you select the gallery and select the album and select the music in click on plus button for the video once you are the video then audio is added after that you start adding some filters in case if you want filters I hope on softer wording that filters the video is ready and then now what you do is export the video and save it to your gallery make sure that your internet is off and your phone is in flight mode while exporting the video after exporting the video will be present in gallery you can upload it as a WhatsApp status for Instagram story or else can upload a video in Tik Tok also so thanks for reading this article and I will come back you with some other article until they keep smiling goodbye.


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