Sunday, 3 November 2019

Application for tik tok video making app How to create effect in mobile

TikTok Video Making App For Editing in Your Smart Phone 

Hi everyone this is Tech Kishore welcome back to this website so in this website today's article we are going to discuss about on application called just a line so this is an application where you can just create a beautiful drawings and patterns in virtual reality show this is application which is getting more viral in most of the social websites like Facebook WhatsApp Instagram and Twitter  so we are going to discuss about this application in detail so let's talk about this application.

How to create effect in mobile

So this is the application where is Explorer different kind of drawing patterns and you can just have a three 360 degree rotation of your text I mean you can turn around your camera and I can just see the text in 360 degrees just like a virtual reality so you can try anywhere on the area and I can just that show that video or else if you want to take a photo you can just take a photo and I can just take a screen recording of that video and add some music and posted in Tik Tok so nowadays this is the application which is more getting viral die in the most of the Tik Tok videos so this option is inbuilt for Samsung Note 10 series phones but it is not present for a normal the other Android phones sofa normal other Android uses this application provides an alternative so who are willing to  uses application make Tik Tok Avengers uses application and create your own natak star pattern Sara drawings on the screen on 8 and engines shoot video and we can add music and post it in Tik Tok and Facebook or any other social networking sites and this application is very simple and it is very easy to use anyone can use this application and I forgot to inform you that this application will not work in all other old phones so it should supposed to have some good processes and screen width so this application works in most of the phones which have not so forever using phones which have having not taken just use this application taken download this application from the link which is given below  and use their friends phone for doing.This application has simple options like you can just adjust the breast size according to your requirement we have large breast size small and medium and I prefer you guys to use medium resize for drawing better and we have a Re video recording option and you can't pause the video in middle and another option is you need to undo in case if you want to undo the drawing or text you have undo option or else if you want to clear the data you have a clear data option to so you can just clear the data and you can just redo undo and it is a simple application with simple control she can just simply download so the application size will be a very less compared to other virtual reality applications so sensitive works on limited phone so tried to uses application once and try to use this once I hope everyone will like this application and thanks for reading this article and I'll catch you in some other articles so until then good  bye.


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