Monday, 28 October 2019

How to track the exact location of your friends and children and girlfriend exact location track application

Track the Exact Location of your Friends  and Children and Tracking your Girl Friend 

Hey hello hi friends Kishore and thanks for coming to our website and meanwhile I want to say thanks for everyone for reading this article on this article we are going to know about Parental Control application called famisafe Soi Kansas download this application from Play Store as well as the link which is provided beta so will come to know what are the features application have and why we need to use this application and all so let's start our topic.Here we go friends so that thing is Parental Control app for semi safe app it is an application introduced in order to find and dinner to control your children's so basically children's we don't know where our children's course and away which replaces their moons are there are chances that our children get MS MS in some other places while travelling and all so if you install this application in your child or your girlfriend or your boyfriend phone so that you can try them real time location and we can find them and you can just see what are the application they are using and what are the location they are moving time by time and you can find the real time location of them so this is the owner of the genuine application which will provide a real time location of your child has a boyfriend or girlfriend or your parent or anyone else whoever the target so it will provide the exact real time location for you so how to use this application so basically if you want to use this application you need to install this application on the targets phone that I get my PF boyfriend aur girlfriend or Child or someone else ok .

How to use the application

friend ok and you need to install the application in your phone so you need to register your email address and you need to create a password for it with the same email address and password you need to install the application in targets phone and then you need to login there also ok so once it is done and you need to provide some permission while installing the phone I mean application into the targets device so after that whenever you are target your child or a girlfriend aur boyfriend or someone as they are using any social websites are any opening any websites for using any applications are they are travelling from one place to another place you can just access your application and you can try their original location so some of the important features this application provides for us first one is activity report so what are the things they are doing so which app they are accessing the diary and mostly and what are the things I mean what are the websites they are opening you can block the websites which are alone websites from your phone itself OK so the second one is ad blocker and apmonitor so you can block the applications from your phone so that the target can't use the applications with you blocked ok and monitor so he can monitor which are the target is using mostly next one is kids location tracker and location history review so you can have their Location tracking and real time and their location history also Feature is a girlfriend so famous support the making several Gopan Jones you will get alerts when your kid is a going to reach that place suppose if you. Some ideas that area if you can reach there you will get alerts and the you can just control the screen time and smart schedule can schedule at what time it supposed to turn off and you can also filter the web content what are the websites Hero opening Ashi is opening up and their apni and it's very simple to use and you can use this application for 3 days 3 days trial version free version and if you want to buy this you can just get into that application in app purchase you need to go for premium version ok.I hope everyone will like this application so and thanks for reading this article and if you like this just do comment and and support my website.

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