Friday, 18 October 2019

how to remove watermark for your videos in mobile using watermark manager application

Remove Watermark for Your Videos  Using the Water Mark Manger Application in Mobile

Hello my friends are welcome back 2 Tech Kishore website so thanks for coming back to a website so in this article we are going to discuss about an application called its very quite interesting application and it was very very fine application so this application is completely related to video modification so basically we use various applications for editing videos so I am fine in case if you don't buy a premium membership for that application you will get watermark so this application is something different and it is used to remove the watermark of any video.Not only the watermark but also it is used to remove the logo or any other marks that are present on a video for this application name is watermark remover you can download this application from Play Store or from the link which I have provided below so what is the purpose and how to use this application so this application has many features frankly speaking it has many features not only watermark removing but also making different different changes for a video so it is mainly designed for those people who are eagerly waiting to remove watermark like application like coin master and the pixel floor and also where you get water mark after editing real video in order to prevent from that watermark this application is very very useful for those people so what to do how to edit so what are the features that it has not only removing watermark but also it has an AI feature to add watermark to your video so basically we can add watermark using this application as well as we can remove the watermark using this application.        

 How to use the application

I want to tell you how to remove watermark so that you can understand how to add watermark install the application and open the application so you will have three options to remove watermark add logo remove logo and they do some modifications to video sincere removing watermark click on the ad video remove Logon so then you need to select a video which you want to remove watermark selecting the video you will get a rectangular Tab on the screen that is video layer so where you need to drag it and place it on and put it on the place where watermark is present so you can just dragut by finger and market once you are done with that and you make sure that the corners of the water market perfectly adjust with that with that mask which is provided to you and after that you just need to play can't receive so once you can proceed within fraction of seconds based on your video length so that processing will be done so once it is done I just can't save so you just open your gallery and check the video in which we can just see there will be watermark will be master and it will be removed permanently.If you want to add watermark to your video the same thing you need to do is this electron that select the video then again you will have to choose the watermark which you want and the video and then click on process the entire video will get watermark not only for removing watermark but also you can just do some modifications on a video like a friend changes and all and if you are interested to just go through with all the application and features you can just go through this application and drives by your own I hope everyone my heart like this application so in case if you like this application please kindly mention admin comment and share this article with your friends and thanks for reading this and their article have a nice day.

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