Wednesday, 16 October 2019

how to make your name with beautiful fonts Best features and using name art application

Make your name with beautiful fonts name art application in mobile           

Hi friends my name is Kishore Nayak and thanks for this article so in this article we are going to discuss about an application called calligraphy so if you go with this calligraphy application what is the new thing that is present in this calligraphy so it is an application where you can enter your name you can edit your name beautifully and you can make a beautiful photo with your beautiful name and you can decorate your name in such a way that it is very very beautiful and just like a professional editor you can just edit your name in this application so you can download this application from Play Store as well as the link which is provided below so we if we talk about the features that are present in this application so it is just like a art and sketch and text art and stickers and all these different kind of a feature that are present will focus slowly one by one.              

Best features present in the application

The main features they are this application has more than hundred plus calligraphy font styles where you have different font styles we can use any of the font style and you can apply for your name and even we can set background colour as well I can change a background image if you want to put your name background as some image or anything else we can put some other image Oracle simply put some solid colour and we have decorative symbols and colours in this application where you can use it for decorating your names and we have text symbols also so many symbols are there like a fruit symbols vehicle symbols and feather symbols and all ok and another thing is me how stunning background data presented in this application are very awesome easily recommend you to use them and we have gradients to effective gradients to and we have multiple social media related icon packs in this application you can use those icon packs to make your name better beautiful and you can just save these editing means at all to your gallery and you can posted on your Instagram on WhatsApp or anywhere so the important thing that I want to suggest you and this application is you can write your name as well as anyone's name and you can make it it and save it as a PNG or else you can just save it as a jeep JPG imageThe another feature that I suggest you ECE B have background option to you can add Shadow effect your text your you can enter your name your loved ones name and make it is a decorate you you can add weathers you can add PNG you can add a boy girl PNG is and even have to do pNG and heart symbol PNG is so you can use this PNG and make the your photo I am in name photo decorate you so that everyone will start asking you where are you edited this application this name friends you just like this application so suli if you are interested to use this application please try this application once I am sure that you will truly love this application and thanks for reading this article and I will come back with some other interesting article thanks bye.          

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