Wednesday, 16 October 2019

how to make whatsapp status videos with photoes in mobile Some of the features MV ststus application

Make Whatsapp Status Videos With Photoes In MV Statsus Application                   

hello hi friends my name is Kishore and you are reading Tech Kishore YouTube channel article so thanks for reading this article so in this article we are going to discuss about an application call MV master so this application is very famous for creating your WhatsApp stories Instagram stories and twisted the post and Facebook storage so what we do in this application so this is a application where you can create your own WhatsApp status videos and Instagram story videos so how to edit in this application so before reading the editing options how to edit and all so we need to know some features that are present in this application so this application basically runs on templates so lots and lots of temples are there more than 30 plus templates that are present in this application.

Some of the features we can see        

Show each template is of different category and different joner so you can have different different kind of template according to your requirement you can choose a particular template after choosing it you need to download this template so this application basically runs on internet so if you have a internet you can download it and turn on the Internet and download the template which you want so once you click on the template so it will ask you to upload the photos that you want to include in that video so once you include the photos I mean once you select the photos from your gallery so it will ask you to proceed further ok so there you have an option call music so you have various inbuilt music that is presented in the application if you are willing to use then you can use those video aamin music that are provided by the application in case if you want to use the music that is present in your phone you can use them so after that you need to trim the music according to timing and then you need to click on the next button so once you click on the next button the video will start processing so after processing you will get to a page where your video is ready to play so before talking about the video so we need to check the jaundice that are present in this I mean to say the categories that are present in this application sofas historycategories there all categories there magical categories that selfie category is there love category is there and Bollywood is there sad is there birthday wishing category is there so these are the different categories apart from the music and text you have an option called filter where you can apply filters to your WhatsApp status video .Your video is done you are ready to use at video and you can post it as Instagram story a WhatsApp story or anywhere else so it is a application where simply you can just use Drop your photos and add some music and make a beautiful WhatsApp status video for birthday party wishing video or Matrimony marriage marriage day video Anniversary Day wishing video that's what you can do with this application I hope everyone might have like this application so if you want to use this application download from the Play Store or else you can download from the link which is provided below so and uses application and if you like this application so please docomment and search our YouTube channel and the try to subscribe the channel So thanks for reading this article I hope you like this article I will catch you in next interesting article thanks bye.

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