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how to make superb intro videos for your shortfilms pixleflow Features present in the application

Superb Intro Videos for Your Shortfilms and Create the Best Intro for your Videos                                

Hello everyone this is Kishore and today's article we are going to discuss something about an application so which is very very useful for people who does the shortfall and send the people who does vlogs and people who does YouTube and people who has some editing and stuff and all so actually it is an application called pixelflow Avengers download it from the Play Store as well as from the Google so it is very very important application so what we do exactly in this application and what are the features that are present in this application that we are going to discuss today and how we need to edit and all so I want to tell you completely in details so please read up to end. 

Features present in the application

Here we go friends show the application name is pixelflow you can download this application from Play Store as well as from the Google show the application is very less in size compared to some other application so what are the features that are present in this application we are going to discuss now so the most important feature that is present in this application is about its intro animations so more than 30 plus Android animations that to text animations that are present in this application we can use any of these text animation intro animation for your short film for explaining applications about applications I can just put this intro animation as front so that you can just give a brief idea what are the apps that you are going to discuss and even you can use this intro animation in front of the the categories and in front of the types and all so what you need to do is just download it so Vamsi download this application from the link below Rs from Play Store open the application so this application you have a premium version 2 in case if you want to buy you can just bi so actually you get a watermark If you are using normal version.If you don't want to use normal version go for premium version 2 ok so what you do it just select any of the random animation text animation which is present over there so you select the random text animation then click on it so once you click on it you will find an option call editing so you can modify the text which is present already previously in that animation and you can enter the text which you want to be displayed on your intro so once you displayed yeah that's how it will be its done so I and you have an option to change the background of your animation intro animation as well as you can change the text colour and font colour even you can change the font style also in that application to these are the features that are provided for you and even you can add background videos to not only images but also videos to if you are interested to add videos you can add the background videos to your animation intro animation as well as you have another feature called as you can add stickers on it ok so once you are done with your animation you need to take on export so once you export the video is going to be exported once the video is can you can import this video in application called kinemaster so where you can do some other modifications on this intro.Basically if you are looking for provision you need to buy under get from the Play Store and if you don't want a Mart watermark on your intro animation uses uses and application cal watermark remover ok you can use this application and it can just remove the watermark of this pixelflow and you can use it for further processing and if you put this video footage in kinemaster application there you can add filter layers layer filters to your intro animation as well as you can add music to hear video so you can just create multiple of interest and animations in this pixelflow application and the you can you can just enjoy the features and kanjus embedded these interest into various fields where you engage this videos and where you involve videos for example if you are making a short film you can introduce this intro videos in medal for describing the characters in case you are doing a YouTube videos you can just use the interest for your YouTube channel.

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