Wednesday, 16 October 2019

how to make DJ videos with your photoes in mobile Best features present in lovi application in mobile

Make DJ Videos With Your Photoes In Lovi Application

Hello everyone who win this article we are going to learn about a great application called l-o-v-e video maker so this is the best application for making WhatsApp status videos so if you are willing to make WhatsApp status videos this is a best application where can I Di Je Effect 2 year WhatsApp status videos and you can also add a DJ Beats to your videos so the most important thing that I want to discuss is its features are very very best.

 Best features present in this application

So talk about the features so it has a music option where you can add a DJ music to your gallery images which imported into the application and you can add the manual music from your mobile phone or else inbuilt music so most of this application consisting of particle templates where you can just download the template and applied the template to your photos and at the music according to it and also beats according to it for some of the temperature affect we all just find out I found they Aahat effect bubble effect love particle effect flash effect star effect snowfall effect and waterfall effect of the sum of the effects which I found in this application and if you talk about club effects.So colour effects are very fine and 1000 colour to your images Mirchi imported from your gallery and add beautiful effects and filters to it so filters are very very fine like a black and white filter water filter and sweet filter and also their best.Even this application has a colour overlay option where you can just had only multiple colours to your mobile imported images and even if you have lots of frames where each frame will be fine and Avengers import images and add multiple frames dear images and kanjus creater video and motion so I can you create a motion of sound beats according to hear the sound.So visualizer is one of the effect that is a present in this application you can enjoy this effect for your videos I hope everyone like this application try this application once and apply your status photo send a make a creative videos and if we have different categories of general software videos templates and download them and use them once so thanks for reading this article and they do comment.

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