Friday, 18 October 2019

how to make 3D photoes in your mobile phone using the 3d lucid picture application

3D Photoes in Your Mobile Phone Using Lucid 3d Application in Mobile

Hello hi friends this is Kishore and this article we are going to discuss about an application called 3D pixel so in this application so we are going to discuss main to eat to things so one is how to create a your photos into 3D images and second one is how to add filters to your normal images into the topic to first thing is you need to just download this application from Play Store as well as from Google anywhere I can just download and the second thing is once you download this application install it and later installation you need to open the application so once you open the application you need to turn off the internet or else you can just turn are you want U turn on the Internet you will find all the filters download all the filters from your internet connection.        

how to use the application           

Filter shot I'll get downloaded so you need to simply choose click on that filter so Vamsi click on that Filter it will ask you to import a image from your gallery so you need to import any of the image you like you just click on import option then choose the image which you want to import so just click on it so Vamsi click on it the image is going to be imported to your application lucid 3D pixel application so once the images are played imported so there will be an option for 3D creation so you click on the 3D creation and you just need to crop the image properly so that you can have a 3D effect very properly after importing it so there are lots off lots of filters are present you can apply any of any one of the filter to your photo so after applying any of the letter to your photo then you need to click on the 3D making so once you click on 3D conversion so you are 2D photo will turn into 3D photo after a few seconds of processing so once it is done then you can just check your photo so based upon your guy risk of moment of Android phone with 3D portable .If you move front it will move in back so likewise in opposite direction the photo will move so if you are ready with 3D photo so likewise you can select a multiple of photos from your gallery and convert the normal 2D photo send to 3D photos and upload it in Instagram WhatsApp stories and Facebook as well and also you can create multiple photos of 3D images and you can just save it for future reference and for future funny video funny photo collection and the it was very nice have so that everyone can easily make 2D photos into 3D photos they look very well and looks nice and interesting for you people I hope everyone just like this application.the main thing I want to discuss is you can just take it real really photo or else you can just go for already been downloaded photo at the you can share ITE on Facebook Instagram as well as I mentioned earlier and you can just collection of 3D frames are also there you can just use this 3D frames and more and various categories of rooms are there and you can enhance your are you are the 2D photos with single tap images convert into 3D photos and no special skills are required for making this process it is simply drag and drop method everyone can make it fast and the things I I want to tell you so guys I hope you like this article just to a comment and share this article to your friends in WhatsApp.

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