Wednesday, 16 October 2019

how to give amazing effects for your videos in mobile and How to add amazing effects for your videos

How to Add  Amazing Effects for Your Videos in Your Mobile Phone

Hello hi friends my name is Kishore Nayak and you are reading Tech Kishore YouTube channel article so in this article we are going to learn about an application vllo so this application so this application is most important application I can say in Play Store we have many many application for video editing but this application has a different feature that other application don't have so if we talk about so it is completely a video editor so it provides features whatever we need thousand times are ready and are acetic Motu your video so we can easily very Tower videos and upload in YouTube for Facebook or Instagram or anywhere else at is a perfect video editor for vlogging we can have 100K App Store feedbacks and it has a great rating to so if it talk about main features.                                                              

 Features present in the application are                 

The main features which we can see in this application are here we go feature we can trim the video and we can zoom the video and we can rotate a video and we can sleep video and we can order it and reorder it and we can do it for the same photo as well as video with help of our fingers and we have more than 20 transat transitions for a video ok and we can choose a more than 20 video filters and add the cinematic touch tour videos so it is very most important feature we can say as the we can make our videos fast and we can slow our video duration by using fast and slow feature and even we can create awesome text over list and titles to our videos we can add them at the beginning of the medal at the end of our videos.
                                The another important feature that I want to discuss is this have stickers features where you can add multiple stickers and make your videos very very beautiful and decorative and bi when we have PIP mode picture in picture mode where you can add one video on other video so it looks very very beautiful for people who do log in video edits so if you talk about professional touch and sounds that are present in this application so mainly.First colour real video we can change the colour of our videos and the we have more than 40 sound effects and a favourite and important that are present in that phone you can just make it colourful and we can to voice over tour videos with simple clicks as like in kinemaster and we have a more than a 70 sound effects in this applications so you can just make the video look very beautiful and another video another feature I mean to another feature is volume so you can just control the volume for your videos to ok.
                                  Show another important feature that I can say is you can save this video and exported in different ratios there you can export in square format a 16 28 ratio 8 is to 16 ratio a square format like that and you can have your own music in internal phone music are inbuilt music so that and you can have multiple fonts in this application where you can add your own fonts to this application show the important feature is that you can export your video up to 4K with help of this application and I you can make this video like someone else who haven't tried this application so please I request everyone to just install this application in your Android phone and try it once I hope you like this article so please if you like it then do a comment and if you have any queries you can just find out my social website links and Avengers contact me thanks for reading bye.

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