Thursday, 17 October 2019

how to create beautiful designs in your mobile phone using canvas editing application in mobile

Create Beautiful Designs in Your Mobile with Canvas and Create Better Arts 

Hello hi friends my name is Kishore Nayak and you are reading Tech Kishore YouTube channel article so in this article we are going to learn about an application vllo so this application so this application is most important application I can say in Play Store we have many many application for video editing but this application has a different feature that other application don't have so if we talk about so it is completely a video editor so it provides features whatever we need thousand times are ready and are acetic Motu your video so we can easily very Tower videos and upload in YouTube for Facebook or Instagram or anywhere else at is a perfect video editor for vlogging we can have 100K App Store feedbacks and it has a great rating to so if it talk about main features.
So that means features of Amazon graph I want to discuss right now is tessellations and cement cement trees so it has a very good Saman trees and initiative drawing interface it was very very nice and definable Canvas size you can just where is the Canvas size according to your requirement and according to your size and you can simply pinch the screen to zoom and pinch same pinch out for you mean and zoom out and you can do after 30 level undo option is there so upto 30 level you can do it so it is one of the advantage I can say mostly we can two three or four level and do in various as but here we can do upto 30 level and options it was very very nice and the brushes and eraser it and paint bucket tools are very very fine so you can use it for making better better better designs another thing that I want to court is size and opacity and softness ok so you can adjust the princess and opacity if you are you know with you enough so you have a colour palette and changes.

How   to use the colours option   

Have a gradient option to you can just change the colour purple with help of colour palette you can just change the Canvas colours and all and pressure sensitivity how if you press long very long the brightness will be very high ok so you can improve the image and draw the image and draw the designs according to your requirement I can say so the most important thing in this application is it is very user friendly so anyone can use this application for drawing a beautiful and amazing a designs for the floor for the mat for the carpet and for the design on the walls to and this application is rule is going to improve your Creative Thinking designs I hope you can just make a clear and decent design using this application in your smartphone or else in your tab so people if you like this application just installed from the below link and try it once and do comment about your view on this article so thanks for reading this article and once again I'll catch you in some other interesting article till now bye.

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