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How to change video background in your android in mobile phone

How to Change video background using muasge application in the mobile

Hi friends my name is Kishore and you are reading Tech Kishore YouTube channel article so thanks for visiting this article so in this article we are going to discuss about the best application which is used for video editing so basically this application is used for video editing so we can say for removing a background of your video so basically you can remove the background of your video as well as you can just merge two or three videos and the main focus of this application is you can remove the video background with simple simple process here we go so first thing what you need to do is to use this application you need to install this application from the link which is provided here ok so once you install this application you can check out all the features which I mentioned right now so this application is basically for professional shooting modes ok we have different modes and it like a video Mod we can say and even the photo mode and even we have a blue screen mode and that to we have a magic colour mode ok in video mode we can experience multiple shooting features and operating simultaneously and in photo mode various camera lenses and filters we can experience and we can shoot various kind of videos and photos and in blue screen mode we can remove the background and we can place the background as per our requirement simply.
I can say you can create VFX videos with help of this application I can say and magical David you in that mode you can change the different different colours of a object which are present backside ok I'll tell you one thing so in the most thing is the video stabilization that is present in this application you can just stabilize your videos perfectly very very perfectly can stablizer your videos so that no shaking no she drinks and vibrations will be present and the real time beauty clear the beauty pimples that are present on your face with this application I can say as well as we have identical range mode in this ok so you can make it very very clear and another thing I want to talk is 26 camera lenses filters and effects that are present in this application and of eye lens filters like a bee have bokeh effect Tilt Shift effect and vintage effect and different kind of effects and the distortion filters are there like a perspective filter correction filter and fish filter and even we have 8 filters also paintings drawings like that excetra and weather filters also we can have like a reflection filter and ND for filters no filter these are the different filters we can find in this application.

How to change colour of backcgound

So if we talk about colour filters in real time so basically 6 adventure filters are present so that you can apply it when you are shooting in short film and all and we have mostly 7 film filters where you are shooting in short film you can use this filters for filming yourself balance and we have a black and white filters R6 so I can use 6 kinds of a black and white filters which are present in this and that we have no more filters to they are both vi filters filters you can use that and a documentary filters in case if your shooting any documentary we have five filters you can just say use them for documentaries and even we have a light leakage filters in this application and the movie printers to Abhi asli so that you can just use this filters and we can just make a beautiful videos the most thing most important that I suggest you ways you can use this application for removing your background and making a VFX at your own with help of your Android phone so you just need to stand in front of a green or blue screen and show the video with help of this application and you can change the background according to your requirement and meanwhile I need to say that if you are looking for a best application which can change your background without having a Chroma key option in your phone news image is a best application for your Android phone so I repeat m u s e m a g e best application where you can just use for your short film or any other video background removing and I hope everyone will download this application.

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