Monday, 28 October 2019

Best video editor for video editing shortfilm editing in mobile premier rush application

Video Editor for Shortfilms Editing in Mobile  Premier Application  in Mobile

Hello hi everyone so today supplication is about Adobe Rush so Adobe Premiere Rush we can say so this is a video editor so you can just download application from Play Store directly and you can edit Kiya videos so what is the speciality about this application there are lots of applications are there in Playstore like kinemaster powerdirector and some other video editors for what is the speciality in this application so this is the application where you can directly shoot from your phone and you can edit at the same time you can just share it online also and I can upload this video's and can just speak and it as like your wish .        

How to use the application

So this is the professional in App camera lets you to capture high quality content and also started eating your videos directly and you can also add music as like other applications and here you can just have a layer session it was very clear and as like every other App does we can just cream videos and you can match videos and you can just make a video of Fast and bit slower to and you can add filters to your videos layer-by-layer so what is the major advantage we can say it is a pre quality video editor we can say so built-in professional camera functional so very fast and its capitals very best shots and we don't have this option in other applications and it is easy editing Anika simply have your finger tips decided the videos and the you have a lots of word templates and Science solutions and filters where you can just and even you can do voice over to your videos and we can change music editor enhance the colour of your video and another important feature is a multi track timeline you can have multiple videos at the same time can be going on.So and the thing that is you can have multiple graphic templates that are present in belt we can just download them and custom title cyclone say yes I can use them and if you want to change the audio you have a great sound we can add video content and record voice over new advanced tools powered by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence for account balance into and it is a Made For Sharing and just make a video send us share it videos uses edited ok so they can be stored to your cloud storage cloud storage so that I can just have a backup of your videos so you can just make your videos into the cloud and kanjus the download third party app and I can decide their wherever you go so even we have a premium version for this if you upgrade to premium version you have multiple features and it any kanjus have a Clans I hope everyone will like this application so please try this application once and and I feel like this do comment.

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