Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Best application for whatsapp status making in mobile mbit application and its features

Application for Whatsapp Status Making Mbit Application using in Smartphone                               

Hi everyone so high so in this article going to discuss about the famous application called M vate so this is most famous application for WhatsApp status making so you can simply edit your WhatsApp status videos in this application so I'll tell you this is the best application in Playstore I can say so I have searched many applications in these two for making WhatsApp status but I found that this one is a best and top most application I can say so it is having a simple interface where you can just simply edit your WhatsApp status and we can just simply include your videos and I can change the music whatever the music you want or else it has the inbuilt music this music inbuilt music features has a different languages like Telugu Hindi Tamil Malayalam Kannada and all South Indian languages are there in North Indian languages are also there and in case if you want to add your own music into this into this application for your status yeah you can add it no problem and it and you have a many features in a time ine many filters many templates I can say menu templates like a particle templates and all are present in this application that makes is application more grandir look and it is very essential for everyone to notice that each and every category has minimum of five templates minimum of 500 send more than 5 you have lots so you can just make a your you can edit.

How to use the application

Templates and IT industry placement with your name of your loved ones name or else or else if you want to check out a menu want to check some other features like if you want to wish someone on birthdays on their wedding party on their annual days or if you want to wish someone on festivals and equations all the Hindu and all Indian languages and all the Indian culture related festivals and national festivals templates are also available you can just download them and you can use them. So it's very simple for you to use this application so it's very very easy I'll tell you how to do so first you need to click on plus button which is present there ok you want to click and it will ask you to import a image from your gallery so select any of the most you want to add in this so important and it will ask you to crop the image so once you crop it then it will show the all the templates and inches select any of the template and you can do it ok so once it is done and if you want to add some music to it we can add music to earth and after adding a music you can just make it a better and paste and another thing is you can just change the filter colour and you can just adjust the beats that are present in this application show the beats are the best part I can say based on music the beats and the song and the image will start beating so it is one of the best feature I can say that proudly and another thing is you can just download this from Play Store directly or else we can download directly from the link which is given below the article I think everyone like this application just try this application once and you just do comment and let me know your opinion about this application and thanks for reading this article.

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