Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Best application for tik tok viral video name editings in line draw application in mobile

Application for tik tok viral video name editing using line draw application

Hello hi everyone thanks for reading this article so in this article we are going to discuss about an application called fluid simulation so what is the main use of this application basically we use this application for making Tik Tok videos and for children to so this application will occupy entire screen and wherever you touch on the screen it will blink and Glow different Rainbow colours ok and there are many options that are provided in this application so that you can custom the glorious glowing effect of the effect which is present on your screen wherever you take wherever you drag your finger on the screen it will a glow in different colours.
If the application carefully we have an option called orientation so how the effect should Orient is that towards the centre of the screen or away from the screen this is what we can observe in this application carefully and meanwhile where we can use this application in case your child is crying in our to make him quiet you can use this application and you can give this mobile phone to a child and ask him to touch the screen so that he feels happy after touching the screen since we can see multiple colours blinking at a certain and you can use this application for making the children happy and you can use it for making Tik Tok videos so whatever the pattern whatever the type whatever the text you right on your screen it will grow and it will disappear within fraction of seconds  once you are done with that you can also very the duration glowing duration of the effect on the screen so it's very easy to use and easy to handle either by children and as well as parents so the important thing that we need to notice in this application is it is the best application we can come across in Play Store.where you can enjoy the application without getting bored in case if you are bored you can just draw some pattern on the screen and see the beautiful glowing effect and you can enjoy all the day so apart from this I used this application for making a Tik Tok video I'll tell you how I did a Tik Tok video with help of this application.

How to use the application

Here we go friends so what I did you know so first have installed this application from the Play Store even you can also install it from the Play Store as well as the link which is given below after installing open the application so once you open the application at the left corner you will find options for different changes like a position orientation colour changes and the duration how long the video I mean the effect WhatsApp post to be present on the screen and how fast the effect should react well so once you select the options properly once you collect all the settings you just need to click on the three lines ok so once it is done you just start drawing your name on the screen so send the screen is black colour the place where you touch it grows into different RGB colour so that it is very very attractive and rainbow colours and what I did in meanwhile I have screen used and application call screen recorder and I have recorded the entire thing in my screen recorder application later I used that footage and open my kinemaster and I have added some music decent music to that video footage later on I just uploaded on Tiktok likewise you can write anyone's name or anyones the age for any number or any symbol on this application and you can make it best Tik Tok video by adding background music in your kinemaster application I hope everyone might have like this application in case you seriously like this application please don't forget to drop your comment and try to use this application and enjoy the feature and try to make a your own Tik Tok video so thanks for reading this article I will catch you in some other interesting article.

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