Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Best application for tik tok video editings

Best Application for tik tok video  in smart phone                  

Hello hi friends my name is Kishore and thanks for reading this article so in this article we are going to discuss about an application which is mostly used for making Tik Tok videos so in this application what is the use so if it ok to board the application it has many many features where you can use it for making your Tik Tok videos better beautiful and more attractive the one thing that I noticed in this application is the animation effects and transition effects that it has the application name is no eyes so you can download this application from the link which is given below.
Here we go friends so we'll discuss about the effects and the features that are present in this application mostly so the best part in this application is all the effects that are provided in the application downloadable for free there is no premium effects that are present here we can download it for free and use it for free so what you do US open the application download each and every affect which you like and we have various categories effects to ok so once you download it upload your video their Tik Tok video on a normal video into this application I am in import your video to this application after importing you apply the effect whatever the effect you like you just applied to your video.

 Some other features present in the application

So once you upload your video I mean to say import your video to this app you will find templates as well you can just select them and after that you can see the magic in your video the template is going to take a within a 2 hour 3 minutes for applying so it is a online application where you need Hathway internet connection for applying the template and even you have a text option to you can just make text I mean you can change the music and you can add text to your videos ok and you can I filters and lots and lots of dynamic stickers are there ok and you can this integrating join multiple videos like a measuring of more videos and you can just remove the watermark for the application by using some other alternative video videos ok so here the important thing that I want to discuss is so you can export the video in various portrait forms square form landscape form and all forms ok.This application is not present in Play Store it was removed in Play Store you can download from the link given below ok and this one is very very useful for people who use Tik Tok to create Tik Tok so we have the various beautiful and awesome animation effects where people mostly used to make the videos and Tik Tok we can just give it as a challenge to the your followers to make this kind of effects for their videos to a hope everyone like this article please in case if you like this article please drop a comment and try to install this application and use it once thanks for reading have a nice day.z

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