Monday, 21 October 2019

Best application for making youtube thumbnails

Best application for making youtube  thumbnails        

Hi friends welcome back to our website and so in this article we are going to discuss something about an application called pixel lab so this is an application very very important application for youtubers and for those people who want to create thumbnails is specially thumbnails so this is the application which I am using from past one year and I am so very much interested to explain about this application so let's talk in detail about the effects and the features and the important settings that are present in this application.for getting to know about the more features about this application we should supposed to know why this application is used for this application is basically used for making thumbnails I can say or any Posters for any college functions there if you want to bake make some posters sequences make with help of this application that you in your Android phone you can make thumbnail no need to use heavy softwares for your YouTube videos and all for making a thumbnail second show the most important features that we have in this application was this application supports various kind of text objects in case if you want to enter some objects text object or any normal object if you want to import image you can import if you want to create some solid images you can create you can enter any kind of shapes and it and I can have a great effects in so that you can just explore yourself solid ko first thing I want to discuss the most important features that I want to discuss are

How to use the application   

The first one is 3D text you can create 3D text awesome text I can say I promise you as you can create awesome text and and we can just make your photos into 3D 3D shapes and indicate as it is like a 3D in this application so the second one I want to discuss is the text colour you can add multiple text colours and in case if you want to add texture to your text colour you can just take your texture and you can I add gradient to your colour and gradient image texture also you can add to your text the next one is text font the text font is it supports different fonts Telugu fonts English fonts and all other language want it supports you can create multiple font text that's amazing I can say and the another important feature is stickers are the very very important features I can say you can add multiple stickers for your love photos as well as anything else you want so it has next next one is input size import size you can Email you can you cut the image as well as any size of Imagica just go for Instagram thumbnail FB cover and YouTube thumbnail and any any size you can import into this application.the next one I want to talk is option you can draw on your thumbnail and draw the marks and you can make a multiple wonders and their we can draw and different brushes are there we can just touching the breast positions aajkal so the next one is background change so most of the sun is required various kind of background you can just get and download from your Google and images upload your background here and the another thing is I want to discuss is as option it is a one of the most important option that pixel app has provided to its uses.The another feature is you can save the project both as well as a PNG and JPG format that is advantage I can say the another feature which is remove the background you can just remove the background with the remove background option where you can just change the background as well and another important feature is image edit perspective we can just make an image in different perspective we can change the perspective of your text and image as well next one is image effects there are multiple effects are there you can just go through it so and the mostly the most important is create Meme sequences create means and can browse quotes from this application and make wonderful thumbnails for your YouTube videos as well as any of the website force I hope everyone will like this application so please try this application once and thanks for reading this article.

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