Friday, 18 October 2019

application for whatsapp status video in mobile

Editing Whatsapp Status Video in Mobile Using Line Draw Application in Mobile

Hello hi friends this is Kishore Hike and welcome back to my website so in this article we are going to discuss about an application called as inkspace so what is this application for this application is a simple application which is mainly used for making Whats App status so I think we might have sent across many applications for creating Whats App status in our Android phone apart from all this application this is quite different it is more interesting application so what is the main feature that is there in this application you know so the main feature that it is present in this application is it's about 3D motion we can say what is 3D motion so basically we have a 3D motion based on Agera scopic Sansar Movement in case if we move your phone to write the text will Mote left likewise if we create any image with help of the sink application based upon their phones moment.
It will move on it will go on moving you can create a awesome 3D text 3D patterns 3D names with help of this thinkspace application so using this application you can create a WhatsApp status pics you can create ajax send a post in Instagram stories for WhatsApp Suvichar Facebook stories so it was the most interesting application you haven't seen it before because it was very very difficult for a person to think how it works so it is very simple application for you you just need to install it from the link which is given below and open the application so here we have the screen black screen will be appear to you you just write down whatever you want and the screen is tilt your phone the text will tilt according to the year motion and other thing is you can adjust the breast size in this application according to your requirement so the best thing is even you can just make simple text you can make another option you can make the text to disappear once it is written likewise are fast motion effect. 

How to draw patterns     

I can say is very simple for a normal user to use this application it is very easiest way for everyone to understand in case if you are a starter no need to practice just do your own patterns go on Patan if we go on making more patterns one fine day you just should learn it very well I hope everyone will just like this application I suggest you personally to install this application and create your own patterns and post it every wherever you feel comfort in your social networking sites so this pattern surges which are created with help of this application are very effective in motion them they will move opposite to the garros scopic motion for example when you can just say record a screen record and we can make a video of 8 and you can post it in Tik Tok as well best part in this application is you can note motion very fast and contract 3D images 3D patterns with your Android phone just you to use this application in Tab instead of mobile phone if used in mobile phone ok no problem you can just make a wonderful patterns but if used in Tab it is very very much comfort for us Leke new people and you can take screenshots as well as you can just save those chips and put it as a WhatsApp status and it will be very beautiful and everyone will start asking you from which app we have done and should we mention Arsalan so that they can just come here and we can learn this I think you learn something today from this article I hope everyone will just enjoy this application right install it and try it 1ce so thanks for reading once again bye.

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